Hello, World

Welcome to MacGyverIT! Solving IT Problems…with Science!

As this is my first post, let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Rick, and I’ve been an IT professional since early 2005. I began life in IT as a lowly intern for a mid-size company, and now work as a Senior Systems Administrator for a large public university. Over the years I’ve held a variety of positions and roles, including Help Desk Analyst, Data Center Technician, Desktop Support Specialist, Mobile Device Administrator, Systems Administrator, and Solutions Architect, among others.

As I’m sure is true with many IT professionals, more often than not I find myself searching Google and tech blogs for solutions to obscure problems, to research new systems and best practices, and also to stay up the date on the latest tech trends. Traditionally, I’ve found that once I’ve gathered the information I need for the job at hand and apply it, more often than not I would delete all (or most) of the bookmarks that I’ve created, archive the documentation that I’ve downloaded, and send the knowledge that I’ve gained away to the deep dark recesses of my mind to make room for the next big project or task.

However, more recently I began to think, rather than keep the information that I find all to myself, sometimes obtained after many hours of searching, that I should consolidate this information in one place and make it available to others who may be struggling to find answers. Hence, MacGyverIT was born!

I’m willing to bet that most of what I post here will not be my own content, but the blog postings and knowledge base articles that others have created and which I have discovered and applied to my daily tasks, and I will do my best to credit them accordingly. Again, my goal here is not necessarily to teach, but to consolidate information and to serve as a reference point for those searching for answers to their tech problems.

This is my first blog so constructive criticism is always welcome and appreciated. In addition to this blog, I also tend to tweet links to articles that I come across around the web. So if you’re interested in reading what I’m reading, please feel free to follow me @NotThatMacgyver


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