VMware Horizon View – Cleanup Unused Replicas


Here is a good KB from VMware on how to find unused replca virtual machines so that they can be safely removed from vCenter.

Finding and removing unused replica virtual machines in VMware View (2009844)

From the article:

Finding and removing unused replicas

To find and remove unused replicas:
  1. In vCenter Server or the server where the composer is installed, stop the VMware View Composer service.Note: When this Service is down, no recompose, refresh, or provisioning operations occur. Use a convenient maintenance window.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Type Services.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Click the VMware View Composer Service.
  6. Click Stop.
  7. Open a command prompt.
  8. Navigate to the View Composer install directory.
  9. Run the sviconfig.exe command with the FindUnusedReplica operation:

SviConfig.exe -operation=FindUnusedReplica -DsnName=<the name of the Composer database DSN> -Username=<the user name of Composer database owner> -Password=<the password of Composer database owner>

For example:

SviConfig.exe -operation=FindUnusedReplica -DsnName=ComposerDB -Username=sa -Password=secret


  1. If the command finds any unused replicas, they are listed in a new file created in the current directory ( unused-replica-*.txt).
  2. Unused replicas can be unprotected and moved to a unique folder with the parameter:


For example:

SviConfig.exe -operation=FindUnusedReplica -DsnName=ComposerDB -Username=sa -Password=secret -Move=trueNotes:Open a vSphere Client and connect to vCenter Server.


  • When using the move=true option, you will receive warning pop-ups. These are safe to ignore.
  • Note The UnusedViewComposerReplicaFolder is created automatically if it does not exist, and unused replicas are moved to this folder.
  1. Open a vSphere Client and connect to vCenter Server
  2. Click Inventory > VMs and Templates.
  3. Remove the replicas located in the UnusedViewComposerReplicaFolder.
  4. Start the VMware View Composer service.